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Friday, June 21, 2013


Champ – The Happiest Dog On Earth Champ – The Happiest Dog On Earth

Today, we are presenting you an amazing creature – the happiest dog on the... 

Adorable Puppies By Juliane Meyer Adorable Puppies By Juliane Meyer

There are so many photographers in the world, that today is really hard to single... 

How to Avoid Dog Diabetes How to Avoid Dog Diabetes

Dog diabetes is usually associated to weight problems most likely through a high... 

Awesome Serenah Dogs

Serenah – pet photographer from New Zealand. She came up with a series of shots... 

Unbelievably Cute Welsh Corgi Unbelievably Cute Welsh Corgi

  Today, we are presenting you an amazingly adorable puppy – Welsh Corgi!... 

Dogonomics Dog Portraits Dogonomics Dog Portraits

Photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings created a remarkable series of portraits of... 

Adorable English Bulldog Ozzy Adorable English Bulldog Ozzy

English bulldog is a dog that everybody should love. This dog breed is cuddly, cute,... 

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Cats And Flowers Cats And Flowers

Cats are always been cuddly and soft, and beautiful for people, but, recently, we... 

Popular Cat Shishi Maru Popular Cat Shishi Maru

According to the Instagram, this little kitty is one of the most popular world wide.... 

Little Girl And A Cat Little Girl And A Cat

Is really well-know that the friendship between human and animal really can be successful,... 

Hannah And Daisy – The Best Kitty Friends

Ben Torode have the luck to have these two amazing cat pets – Hannah and Daisy.... 

Adorable Autumn Kitty Adorable Autumn Kitty

The autumn, yellow time of the year has come, and all the animals are taking their... 

New Born Lion Cub

A couple of months ago, the Colombian zoo got a new adorable member. Their new family... 

Lovely Kitten Daisy

The cutest kitten in the world has been found! Her name is Daisy, and she lives in... 

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Exotic Pets

The Most Beautiful Fish in the Sea The Most Beautiful Fish in the Sea

Scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular sports because of the access to underwater delights. There is something magical when a Clown fish swims past and there’s a heart stopping moment when a parrot fish glides by, such is the beauty of these wonderful fish. Have a look at the following fish – they are the world’s most beautiful fish. Striped... [Read more of this review]

One Day At The Bear Kingdom One Day At The Bear Kingdom

People are often wondering what is going on in the nature when all the cameras are turned off, and there is no people in the sight. Do the animals play, of do they fight, or how they survive. These are just some of the questions that are bothering people. The fact is, people have discovered just a small peace of the animal behavior, ad their habits,... [Read more of this review]

Brad Wilson Animal Portraits Brad Wilson Animal Portraits

Brad Wilson from New Mexico, really nailed this one! He once said that he is tired of taking pictures of celebrities – it’s boring and predictable. And he was right. Taking animal photos are much more interesting! You never know what is going to happen. All of these amazing animal portraits, Brad took in the studio. This amazing photographer... [Read more of this review]

Top 10 Most Amazing Underwater Animals Photos Top 10 Most Amazing Underwater Animals Photos

Most of the oceans and seas are home to some fascinating creatures and landscapes. Most of us, we will never see it with our own eyes. That’s why animals underwater pictures are so popular. With the development of technology and the opening of new photos ocean areas there are more incredible photographs hidden in the diving world. This list includes... [Read more of this review]

Amazing Animals By Wolf Ademeit Amazing Animals By Wolf Ademeit

Today, we are presenting you with some really amazing animals photos. Not every day you are able to see a wildlife like this, so, we were really happy to see this amazing artist’s work. These are some really amazing and beautiful black and white photos of wildlife by German photographer Wolf Ademeit. These photos really present the animals in... [Read more of this review]

Crazy Animal Calendar Crazy Animal Calendar

The creators of the best-selling calendars Guinea Pig Games, Guinea Pig Olympics and Ferrets Go Fishing produced wall calendar with cute animals: Maverick Meerkats 2013. The calendar shows some Meerkats that are engaged in extreme sports. These small little animals are not afraid of danger and each month try a new kind of activity. But do not worry:... [Read more of this review]

The Cutest Animals Friends

Mark Taylor – self-taught photographer, but that does not prevent him to do amazing animals photos. He has a studio in the South-East of England, where he specializes in shooting of man’s best friends. However, most models of Mark – baby animals photos. These are some really amazing photos, and there is no reason not to love it. These... [Read more of this review]

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